Tuesday, December 6, 2011

InfoPath Getting Started, Part 2

InfoPath Getting Started, Part 1 described about how to create a simple InfoPath form to fill out data. This article is continuing with Data connections and submitting the form.

Now we are going to create a data connection to SharePoint site, so that we can store the data once we fill out the form and submit.

Add a button control to the form. Right click on the button and select button properties. From the Action dropdown, select Submit.

Click on Submit Options button. In Submit Options dialog box select Allow users to submit this form check box and select SharePoint document library from the dropdown.

I have created a Form Library called ‘Projects’ in my SharePoint site. The forms are going to be stored in ‘Projects’ Form library when the user Submit the form.

Click on the Add button to add a data connection to the SharePoint site. Include the form url to Document library section.

For the File name, click fx button, then select Insert function from the Insert formula dialog box. Concat Project Number and Project Name.

Go to next step, mention a name for data connection and complete the wizard.

The form design is completed. Click on Preview. Enter some data to the form and click on submit. Your data will be submitted to the SharePoint form library.

The data will be stored in the Project Form library with the name ‘1-My Project’.