Friday, March 4, 2016

Site collection feature not visible when upgrade solution from SP 2010 to SP 2013

I migrated a SharePoint 2010 site to SharePoint 2013 farm. And crated a custom web part and deployed to the 2013 environment as usual PowerShell commands.

The commands as follows:

After deploying the wsp to a web application the feature was not visible in the site collection features page.

The issue is due to the migrated site is comes with the 2010 user experience. Once the wsp is deployed using the above command the feature goes to 15 hive which cannot be display in a 2010 user experience site.

I have tried below 2 options both worked: 
  1. Change the user experience to SP 2013 UI by following 'Start now' link at the top of the site.

After changing the user experience you can see the feature in the site collection features page.
If the user does not like to change the UI layout this option is not going to work out.

2. You can follow bellow commands to deploy the wsp:

This command is adding the feature to the 14 hive features directory, this will be displaying in the site collection features page.

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