Friday, August 24, 2012

Display multiline type column in SSRS

Recently I created a report using SharePoint list as the Datasource and the datasets are created by querying a SharePoint custom list. The report is displaying fine. But ‘multiple lines of text’ data types in the list are displaying like html text in the report.

 <div class="ExternalClassD226A5A96C0C47E4A3D28396435DC63B"><p>Lost 47hrs due to engineering issue​</p></div>  

Providing a report as above to the end users is not meaning full. But SSRS provides the facility to format the text as human readable. The steps are very easy to follow .Follow the steps. 

1.       Right click on the particular cell and select Placeholder properties. 
2.       At the general tab select ‘HTML - Interpret HTML tags as styles’ option. 
3.       Click ok.

That’s it!.

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