Tuesday, July 10, 2012

SharePoint 2010 custom logo in the Web part pages

You know how to change the site logo in SharePoint 2010. You can add a custom logo to the site that will display every page in the site. The default logo is as follows.

 To change the logo, follow the steps 

1.       Go to Site Settings from Site Actions menu 
2.       Select Title, description, and icon under Look and Feel 
3.       Insert the image URL in Logo URL and Description section. 
4.       Click OK

Once you are done the custom logo will appear in every page in the site. But in Web part pages the custom logo will not appear. The default logo overwrites the custom logo. The users will see the default logo, not the custom logo.

To set the custom logo to a Web part page follow the steps. 

1.       Go the Web part page and select Page from the ribbon. 
2.       Select Title Bar Properties in Page Actions section.


3.       In the Web Part Page Title Bar properties window, insert the Image URL under Image Link section. 

4.       Click OK

Now the custom logo will appear in the Web part page.


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