Thursday, June 28, 2012

Customizing My Profile Tabs in SharePoint 2010

In SharePoint 2010 My Profile page you can find tabs like Overview, Organization, etc.. SharePoint provide the flexibility to add, edit and delete tabs, add navigation link and change the order of the tabs.

The default tabs are shown in the above picture. The tab urls are as follows.

Tab                   Tab Url
Overview             /person.aspx
Organization        /OrganizationView.aspx
Content                /personcontent.aspx
Tags and Notes    /_layouts/thoughts.aspx
Colleagues           /_layouts/MyContactLinks.aspx
Memberships       /_layouts/MyMemberships.aspx 
Follow the steps to do the modifications on the tabs. You should log in as an administrator to do the changes. 
1.       Go to My Profile page. 
2.       From Site Actions menu, select Site Settings. 
3.       Under Look and Feel, select Quick Launch link. 
4.       There you can find the settings to add new navigation links and modify existing tabs.

For example: To add a tab call Libraries, which will direct to libraries page. 
1.       Click New Heading
2.       Type the address as ‘/_layouts/viewlsts.aspx?basetype=1’ 
3.       Type the description as ‘Libraries’ 
4.       Click Ok

The Libraries tab will display in the My Profile page.

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