Thursday, May 31, 2012

People search in My Site

We have created My Site in ‘Creating My Site in SharePoint2010’ section and People Search in ‘Configuring People Search in SharePoint2010’ section. This post is describing how to link the Search Center to My Site. The idea is displaying search result when someone starts searching from My Site page.


Follow the following steps to configure this: 
1.       Go to Application Management in Central Administration. 
2.       Click Manage service applications. 
3.       Click User Profile Service Application. 
4.       Under My Site Settings click Setup My Sites. 
5.       In the Preferred Search Center, enter the Enterprise Search center site address. Ex: http://bll-shpdev-01:7879/sites/search 
6.       Click Ok.

The configuration is done now go to My Site, type search text in the search box. It will redirect to the search center site with the search result.


The search result as follows:

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