Thursday, August 20, 2009


SCADA, Supervisory Control And Data Acquisition, refers to an industrial control system, a system monitoring and controlling a process. SCADA, that’s collects data from various sensors at a factory or remote location and then sends this data to a central computer which manages and controls the data. Now days it is used for wide range of solutions, such as water management systems, electric power, traffic signals, mass transits systems, environment control systems and manufacturing systems.

SCADA system consist of the following subsystems
1. HMI-Human Machine Interface. A system where data is processed and presented to be viewed and monitored by a human operator.
2. RTU- Remote Terminal Unit. Connecting to sensors in the process, converting sensor signals to digital data and sending digital data to the supervisory system.
3. PLC- Programmable Logic Controller. Used as field devices because they are more economical, versatile, flexible, and configurable than special-purpose RTUs.

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